I am not a (professional) photographer. I just like taking photos.

I’ve been taking photos for quite a while now. But I didn’t really know anything about photography as I only had a point and shoot camera. It seemed to be doing a decent enough job on Auto. When it broke, I bought my first DSLR. This was almost five years ago.

Shortly after I almost gave up on photography. I didn’t know what A, F, S and M meant. And to think I would have too rotate some weird ring on the lens to zoom in on the subject? It just wasn’t working.

But I rarely give up on a good challenge. I also kind of inclined to travelling, exploring and adventure. I also like to spend some quality time in nature.

Around four years ago some life happend.

Some events resulted in me needing a bit more time for myself. Not necesarily away from people, but away from everyday routine.

I started watching more and more tutorials on YouTube. I was also taking more photos than ever before. What I was enjoying the most was adveture, exploration and (of course) travel. I’m not doing all of it for the photos. Those are a by-product. I enjoy the whole process. And if a photo is good… Well, even better.

I’m slowly growing as a (not) photographer. I’ll document my journey on this web page.