Favorite photos of 2023 – Number 1

I usually post my favorite photos from the previous year in separate posts on my socials. Usually, I write a more or less descriptive title and not much else.
This year, I decided to make a change. This year, I intend on writing a short blog post for each and every one of them.

One important thing I need to address is the order I’ll publish them in. It doesn’t reflect which one is my favorite in no shape or form.

With this out of the way, let me start with the first one.

A snow flake on the wool.

Click on the image for full size.

As with (almost) any outdoor photography, weather conditions are key. The temperature must be low. -5°C or lower is preferred. Also, it shouldn’t really snow heavily. If the temperature is higher, then the show flakes can be much, much larger. That would make it difficult to take a nice, clean photo. And if it should show quite heavily, the subject might be difficult to isolate.

I decided to use a contrasting background in a form of a black woolen glove, because the snowflake could pop more easily.

I left the glove outside for a couple of minutes to cool itself. Once I saw the snowflakes weren’t melting anymore, I took my camera and started shooting.

The one thing I find difficult with macro photography is depth of field. That’s the plain that is in focus once the photo is taken.
One can change it with setting the aperture. The higher the f is, more depth of field there will be. But there is one trade off. Light. The higher the f is, the less light reaches the sensor.

And that is the reason for the frontal snow flake composition. It was the only was to ensure most (or all) of it is in focus.
As it’s usually the case, I had to take A LOT of photos before I was happy with one.

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