FAVORITE PHOTOS OF 2023 – Number 13

Wheat in dusk.

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I went on a weekend trip to Prekmurje a few times this year with my campervan. It’s quite a long drive by Slovenia’s standards. But there’s a lot to see there. They even have some locations with low light pollution.

And best of all? I can always find a quiet trail, footpath or a corner of a field.

The main objective of my visit there was to explore Goričko. I was walking around there for the whole day. It was a hot day, but the tall trees growing between the river ant the footpath were giving me plenty of shade. From time to time.

When the day was turning to evening, I came back to my parking spot for the night. After I had my dinner, I went for a walk. There’s this long stretch of straight road, you see, and there are fields where corn and wheat grow on each side of it. It’s not the most exciting walk, but the views are quite nice.

As I found many, many times, a nice view doesn’t make a good photo. That’s why I tried to add something to the wheat field. Something to add some interest to the front of the image.

After I long time I of searching I saw a few blossoms. The blue color barely visible in the dwindling light. After trying out a few different compositions, I found this one.

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