FAVORITE PHOTOS OF 2023 – Number 14

The road.

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There are a lot of mountain passes in Slovenia. Many of them are winding from the valleys towards the mountains. And the other way around. Most offer the travelers to pass mountain ranges,

But there’s (at least) one that doesn’t. But it did up to a point in time. There was a landslide (or something like that) number of years ago. If one drives a car, one car only go so far. After that, walking or cycling are the only ways to reach the top. Mangart pass. Or Mangart saddle.

It is the a lovely scenic road climbing almost a 1000 meters, going trough 5 tunnels carved in stone. It offers lovely views and is a good day trip to have. Especially during the peak of autumnal colors.

Although there isn’t much rich color in this one, I like it very much.

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