FAVORITE PHOTOS OF 2023 – Number 17

A lick of light.

Click on the image for full size.

Let me begin with this. I strongly encourage you to view this photo in full size. It is a panorama and the details are quite nice.

With that out of the way…

The day was coming to an end. The sun was setting with the same pace as always. I was so distracted with trying to get to the source of river Soča, I completely forgot about the time.

It was a wonderful day for exploration and photography. A huge amount of rain fall during the night and there was water everywhere. Every slope had a few waterfalls falling from the hills. The luscious greenery, abundance of trees and the mighty peaks made me feel like I was in the set of a prehistoric movie. If not for the houses, the roads and other signs of civilization, of course.

I had so much fun running around, exploring a part of Slovenia I wanted to explore for a long time, I might have forgotten to plan what to shoot during the sunset.

When I realized what the light was doing, I was trying to reach aforementioned river source. I looked around searching for a composition, any composition. And I saw mountain peaks in a distance, bathing in golden sunlight. There were clouds flirting with them delicately. And I was nowhere near any good spot to take a good photo from.

I sat in the car and set off. Vigorously. A number of hairpin turns were waiting for me before I would reach the top of the Vršič pass. With my current car being less than ideal for a charge up a mountain pass. That’s why I was looking for a vantage point from which I could take any photo.

After I drove through several hairpins, I finally saw a view. I stopped a car at the side of the road, ran to where I could see the mountains best and started taking photos.

I decided to take a panorama. Mainly because I could use any part of it in any form later. I knew that I liked at least one part of it. The part where the light is hitting the rock face and the larch trees.

In the end I decided to create a panorama I took photos for at the beginning. Even though I enjoy looking at the complete photography, my eyes always find their way to the left part of it. And to the lick of light on the rock face and the larch trees.

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