Favorite photos of 2023 – Number 2

A fisherman on a lake shore.

Click on the image for full size.

One day during my extremely improvised vacation, I was driving towards Slovenian coast. I really wanted to see some rock formations there for a long time.

Shortly after I joined the motorway in the direction of Ljubljana, I saw a familiar sign reading “Congestion ahead”. At the time, I didn’t want to know how bad it was and have continued on my merry way. The congestion started soon after. Denser and denser traffic was ahead.

Because I was on vacation, I didn’t really want to spend an hour sitting in traffic. I decided to leave the motorway and take a photo I also wanted to take for a long time. When I took it I saw it didn’t really work. However, I was close to a lake and have decided to go for a photo walk.

Low clouds were racing across the sky, swans were swimming on the lake foraging for food and mist was rising and falling. SO much was going on.

I was taking photos with my telephoto lens when I noticed a small dot in one of them. A fisherman.

I zoomed my lens to 300mm and took this photo.

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