FAVORITE PHOTOS OF 2023 – Number 4

Woodpecker on a pole.

Click on the image for full size.

Tok. Tok. Tok. Tok. Pause. Tok. Tok. Tok. Pause. Tok. Tok. Tok. Tok. Tok. Tok. Tok. Pause. Tok. Tok.

This was a sound I occasionally heard around the house. If I followed the sound, I usually saw a bird resembling a woodpecker in a tree.
And as is the case with birds, it flew away as soon as I thought about taking a photo.

But this time things were different. I had more time to stalk it. At first, it was flying from tree to tree, pecking its way from branch to branch. I managed to get close enough to take some photos, but branches were usually on the way.

After a few minutes it flew away. A was in close pursuit and managed to take this photo after a few minutes.
I like it for the simplicity. Woodpecker, a wooden pole and a cloudy sky as a background.

Taking a closer look, it looks like this is a great spotted woodpecker.

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