FAVORITE PHOTOS OF 2023 – Number 5

Sunset storm.

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River Sava. The longest Slovenian river. Just before it enters a gorge, it slowly meanders through a wider valley. The shores aren’t completely uncultivated, though. There are some concrete structures here and there. They are mostly piers.

This one is located by small rapids. The water is rushing by, thundering over the rocks. Occasionally, water spray makes its way to me.
A lone heron is flying around looking for a place to land where, apparently, there should be no people.
I can only see the sun briefly, The clouds are dominating the sky.
There is a railway only 40 meters away. I walk towards it and the sound of rapids grows quieter. The absence of its roar is deafening only 40 meters away.

But the roar is replaced by something else. By something I can’t believe I’m hearing at the beginning of April. I hear thunder.
I look at the sky. It looks like it is growing darker and darker. Returning towards the rapids, I have my camera ready.
I’ve been to this location many times before. I know there aren’t many compositions I like. I therefore choose the most obvious one.

I set up my camera on the tripod and I start taking photos. Photo after photo. Hoping to capture lightning. Alas, there was none. Only distant thunder made through the bellow of the water from time to time.
Loosing hope but having the experience to wait for a few minutes more, I take photo after photo.

Suddenly, the whole scene came to life. There is just enough of a gap between the ground and the clouds for the setting sun to push its rays through.
They are catching clouds and a distant raindrops. They make it all glow in a saturated orange light.

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