FAVORITE PHOTOS OF 2023 – Number 6


Click on the image for full size.

The one question I got when I showed this photography to an individual was “Did you put the leaf there?”,
I must admit it would be a whole lot easier to take a similar photo if I did. Alas, I didn’t.

Which meant I was searching for a composition like this almost the whole of autumn. At least the part of it which was full of color.

It was quite an interesting situation. There was an awesome creek flowing through an extremely narrow valley. There was a lot of water because it was raining a lot. I don’t know it’s usually colored azure, but it was that afternoon.
Moss covered trees on the banks were soaked and saturated green.

But I was there, obsessing over this small yellow leaf, taking numerous photos making sure, I have one perfect one.
Of course, when I was finished, I took some photos of the creek and of the trees. But the photo of this yellow leaf is my favorite from that location.

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