FAVORITE PHOTOS OF 2023 – Number 7


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There’s this waterfall in the Primorska region of Slovenia. It’s called Veli Vir. Not much water flows over it and sometimes there’s none. Unless it rains, that is.

I’ve timed my visit a bit early for the full autumn colors. But it rained heavily during the night and I felt optimistic I’d find a nice composition.

When I got there, I could only find a couple of compositions of the waterfall itself. There were nice, but while walking the path towards it, I noticed the woods and an occasional explosion of colorful leaves.
To be completely honest, I like the tree trunks and the colorful leaves in this photo. However, I don’t like some of the branches that make it a bit messy in places. If I look at it from a bit of distance, I like it a lot. I hope you do too.

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