FAVORITE PHOTOS OF 2023 – Number 8

Sunrays through the clouds.

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I like going out when the conditions aren’t ideal. Conditions like heavy snow fall or strong winds. That morning was no different.

Weather forecast promised mild temperature and extremely strong winds. While that wasn’t the case in the valley, the more altitude I gained, the more wind was blowing.

Before the sun has risen, I could only see clouds all the way to horizon. The higher ones were moving rather slowly, but the lower ones… They were absolutely racing across the sky.

I was waiting for the sunrise. I was hoping that some light would hit the clouds. But the time for sunrise came. And had gone. No sunrays have hit the clouds.
But after half an hour or so, I noticed some light on a nearby hillside. I took out my long lens and started taking photos.

After some more time passed, I saw some sunbeams protruding through the clouds in the opposite direction I was taking photos at.
They looked absolutely spectacular. But I had a problem. Some trees were obscuring the view.

I quickly packed my things and started walking towards the top of the hill. After approximately 5 minutes the path I was walking on started traversing the slope.

The view opened up before me. I took my camera and started taking photos again. The sunbeams were awesome. And even though I was bombarded by the pinecones the wind shook of the trees, I managed to take this photo.

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