What’s new? – December 2023

Two days before the Christmas of 2023, a season closure was organized by AK Ajdovščina motorsport called 3. Rally Slap – Lože.
“Slap” and “Lože” are two villages in Vipavska valley, a scenic and often windy valley in the south-western part of Slovenia.

The weather was lovely. Well over 10°C and gorgeous sunshine felt really good, albeit not quite winter-like. The whole event was really relaxed as it was just show without any competition or timing.
The photos are located in the “3. Rally Slap – Lože” gallery.

I also published a new blog post named “Chasing… Storms – Chapter 1“. This is the first part of my storm chasing efforts in Slovenia.
I published some photos for the very first time, even though they are a few years old.

I intend on making this sort of updates on a regular basis. Why? Even I don’t know when I made some changes. I think this might be a good way to track changes. All of them, not only gallery ones.

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